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The present document specifies the Abstract Test Suites (ATS) and partial IXIT proforma for the Network Layer (Layer 3) at the mobile radio interface of the GSM/3GPP mobile stations (MS) conforming to the TSs for Layer 3, cell selection, Enhanced Full Rate Speech, Multi-band, GSM-R band (R-GSM) and ASCI (the voice group call service (VGCS), voice broadcast service (VBS), enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption service (eMLPP), User-to-user Signalling (UUS) service and the Follow Me service) for the digital cellular telecommunications systems.
The present document is valid for MS implemented according GSM Phase2 or Phase2+ R96, or R97, or R98, or R99, or 3GPP Release 4, or Release 5.
The test suite in the current document is an example of TTCN implementation, and is not intended for direct use in formal conformance testing.
The ISO standards for the methodology of conformance testing and the TTCN language are used as the basis for the test specifications.

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