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8  Definition of the peer to peer protocol LAPDm

8.1  General

8.2  General Protocol ProceduresWord‑p. 30

8.3  Procedures for unacknowledged information transfer

8.4  Procedures for establishment and release of multiple frame operationWord‑p. 32

8.5  Procedures for information transfer in multiple frame operation

8.6  Abnormal release and re establishment of multiple frame operation

8.7  Exception condition reporting and recovery for multiple frame operation

8.8  List of system parametersWord‑p. 50

8.9  System performance requirements

9  Special protocol operation on SAPI=0 and SAPI=3Word‑p. 52

10  Repeated Downlink FACCHWord‑p. 53

11  Repeated SACCH

A (Normative)  Random access proceduresWord‑p. 56

G (Normative)  Handling of frames with parameter errors in the address, control and length indicator fieldsWord‑p. 57

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 60

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