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E (Normative)  GSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), (Phase 1); Security related network functions; Stage 2Word‑p. 69

E.1  Introduction

E.2  GeneralWord‑p. 71

E.3  CTS local security systemWord‑p. 72

E.4  CTS supervising security systemWord‑p. 82

E.5  Other CTS security featuresWord‑p. 90

E.6  FP Integrity

E.7  Type approval issues

E.8  Security information to be stored in the entities of the CTSWord‑p. 93

E.9  External specification of security related algorithmsWord‑p. 95

E.10  Coding of the FPAC and CTS-PINWord‑p. 98

E.11  Guidelines for generation of random numbers (informative annex)

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