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TS 41.101 (SA)
Technical Specifications and Technical Reports
for a GERAN-based 3GPP system

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V15.0.1 (PDF)  2018/06  9 p.
V14.1.0  2017/06  9 p.
V13.0.0  2016/12  31 p.
V12.0.2  2016/12  31 p.
V11.2.0  2016/03  32 p.
V10.4.0  2014/06  32 p.
V9.2.0  2012/03  36 p.
V8.4.0  2012/03  36 p.
V7.4.0  2009/12  32 p.
V6.12.0  2009/12  29 p.
V5.14.0  2009/12  24 p.
V4.18.0  2009/12  21 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Meredith, John M
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The list of Technical Specifications and Technical Reports can be found at:


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