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The present document is a technical report for NR V2X services with sidelink operation in Rel-16. The purpose is to specify radio solutions that are necessary for NR to support advanced V2X services (except the remote driving use case which was studied in TR 38.824) based on the study outcome captured in TR 38.885.
  1. NR sidelink: Specify NR sidelink solutions necessary to support sidelink unicast, sidelink groupcast, and sidelink broadcast for V2X services, considering in-network coverage, out-of-network coverage, and partial network coverage.
    • The solutions should cover both the operating scenario where the carrier(s) is/are dedicated to V2X services and the operating scenario where the carrier(s) is/are licensed spectrum and also used for NR Uu/LTE Uu operation.
    • NR sidelink design starts with frequencies in FR1, and NR sidelink in FR2 is supported by applying the design for FR1 and PT-RS to the numerologies agreed for FR2. No FR2 specific optimization is supported in this WI except PT-RS. No beam management is supported in this work.
    • For the scenarios of NR sidelink carrier, this work will consider a single carrier for the NR sidelink transmission and reception.
    • In this work, 2Rx antennas as well as 4Rx antennas are supported. The full range of speeds defined in SA1 (TS 22.186) needs to be supported in FR1.
  2. Specify support for NR Uu to provide control for LTE sidelink
  3. Specify UE report to assist gNB scheduling
  4. Specify support for QoS management
This Technical Report focus on NR sidelink UE Tx/Rx RF requirements and contains the adjacent channel coexistence evaluation results for NR sidelink operation at both licensed bands and the dedicated ITS spectrum for V2X service.

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