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The present document is a technical report for the study item on 7.125 - 24.250 GHz frequency range, covering the regulatory framework study, general RF aspects, as well as BS- and UE-specific aspects.
During the NR study item in Rel-14, frequency range of 6 - 24 GHz was discussed as part of the RAN WG4 studies. This frequency range was included within the Rel-14 study item objectives and the operational requirements for Next Generation access technologies described in TR 38.913.
As the frequencies below 7.125 GHz and above 24.25 GHz (i.e. up to 52.6 GHz) were already addressed in Rel 15 NR specifications, the discussion on the 7 - 24 GHz intermediate range was triggered at later stage.
This TR intends to provide information on the feasibility of NR operation in 7 - 24 GHz frequency range for set of potential deployment scenarios, considering BS RF and UE RF technology capabilities taking into account possible ranges for key requirements.
This TR does not intend to provide specific recommendations on NR system parameter values to be defined, nor specific RF or EMC requirement values to be defined for UE or BS operation in this frequency range, as those aspects are considered to be covered by the follow-up WI.

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