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Content for  TS 38.141-1  Word version:  17.1.0

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A (Normative)  Reference measurement channelsWord‑p. 206

B (Normative)  Environmental requirements for the BS equipmentWord‑p. 216

C  Test tolerances and derivation of test requirementsWord‑p. 218

D  Measurement system set-upWord‑p. 224

D.1  BS type 1-C transmitter

D.2  BS type 1-C receiver

D.3  BS type 1-H transmitterWord‑p. 229

D.4  BS type 1-H receiver

D.5  BS type 1-C performance requirements

D.6  BS type 1-H performance requirements

E (Normative)  Characteristics of interfering signalsWord‑p. 241

F (Normative)  Void

G (Normative)  Propagation conditionsWord‑p. 243

H (Normative)  In-channel TX testsWord‑p. 257

I (Normative)  General rules for statistical testing |R16|Word‑p. 264

$  Change historyWord‑p. 268

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