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9  Elements for W1AP Communication

9.1  General

9.2  Message Functional Definition and Content

9.2.1  Interface Management messages

9.2.2  UE Context Management messages

9.2.3  RRC Message Transfer messages

9.2.4  Warning Message Transmission MessagesWord‑p. 62

9.2.5  Paging messages

9.3  Information Element DefinitionsWord‑p. 66

9.3.1  Radio Network Layer Related IEs  Message Type  Cause  PWS System InformationWord‑p. 68  ng-eNB-CU UE W1AP ID  ng-eNB-DU UE W1AP ID  RRC-ContainerWord‑p. 69  SRB ID  DRB ID  ng-eNB-DU ID  Served Cell Information  Transmission Action IndicatorWord‑p. 71  E-UTRAN CGI  Repetition Period  PLMN IdentityWord‑p. 72  Transmission Bandwidth  E-UTRAN Frequency Info  ng-eNB-DU System InformationWord‑p. 73  E-UTRAN QoS  Allocation and Retention Priority  GBR QoS InformationWord‑p. 74  Bit Rate  Transaction IDWord‑p. 75  DRX Cycle  RLC Mode  5GS TAC  RRC Reconfiguration Complete Indicator  C-RNTIWord‑p. 76  RAT-Frequency Priority Information  Slice Support List  S-NSSAI  ng-eNB-CU System Information  QoS Flow Level QoS ParametersWord‑p. 77  GBR QoS Flow Information  Dynamic 5QI DescriptorWord‑p. 78  NG-RAN Allocation and Retention Priority  Non Dynamic 5QI DescriptorWord‑p. 79  Maximum Packet Loss RateWord‑p. 80  Packet Delay Budget  Packet Error Rate  Averaging Window  Maximum Data Burst VolumeWord‑p. 81  Notification Control  RAN Area Code  QoS Flow Identifier  Available PLMN List  Service Status  RLC StatusWord‑p. 82  QoS Flow Mapping Indication  Resource Coordination Transfer Information  E-UTRA PRACH Configuration  Resource Coordination E-UTRA Cell InformationWord‑p. 83  Extended Available PLMN ListWord‑p. 85  CU to DU RRC Information  DU to CU RRC Information  E-UTRA Transmission BandwidthWord‑p. 86  Number of Broadcasts Requested  Criticality Diagnostics  Cell TypeWord‑p. 87  UE Identity Index value  RAN UE Paging identity  CN UE Paging IdentityWord‑p. 88  Paging DRX  Message Identifier  Serial Number  Additional SIB Message List

9.3.2  Transport Network Layer Related IEsWord‑p. 89

9.4  Message and Information Element Abstract Syntax (with ASN.1)Word‑p. 90

9.5  Message Transfer SyntaxWord‑p. 142

9.6  Timers

10  Handling of unknown, unforeseen and erroneous protocol data

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 143

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