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TR 37.812RAN4
RF Requirements for
Multi-Band and Multi-Standard Radio (MB-MSR) Base Station

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WI Acronym:  MB_MSR_RF
Rapporteur:  Mr. Liu, Ye

This document is the Technical Report for the Work Item on Multi-band and Multi-standard radio BS requirements.
The objective of MB-MSR Work Item is to specify the RF requirements for multi-band MSR (MB-MSR) BS. The requirements for MB-MSR BS are based on macro-cell deployment scenarios. The requirements based on Micro and Pico deployment scenarios will be developed in a second step.
All single- and multi-RAT configurations (excluding only GSM+GSM) in the different bands shall be considered.
UTRA MC-HSPA as well as EUTRA Carrier Aggregation, and transmit power imbalance between bands / carriers shall be considered. The RF requirements of the existing Base Station types will remain and be applicable within their current scope. For a MB-MSR Base Station, the new RF requirements will be applicable for that equipment.
The work will focus on the following steps:
  • Develop the framework of the RF requirements for MB-MSR BS, using band 20 + band 8 as an initial scenario for FDD and band 34 + band 39 as an initial scenario for TDD.
  • Identify additional deployment scenarios and band combinations for MB-MSR BS.
  • Define the MB-MSR BS based on common transmitter and/or receiver RF chain for the multiple bands.
  • Creation of core requirements for MB-MSR BS for all the identified deployment scenarios and band combinations with an initial focus on the completion of requirements for band 20 + band 8 and band 34 + band 39.
  • The existing per band requirement should be maintained wherever possible.
  • Development of test configurations and specification of the test requirements corresponding to the modified core requirements.
The following specification work is required:
  • Core RF requirements for RAN4 MSR specifications.
  • Test requirements for RAN4 MSR specifications, derived from the core RF requirements.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4  GeneralWord-p. 10
5  MB-MSR deployment scenariosWord-p. 14
6  Transmitter characteristicsWord-p. 23
7  Receiver characteristicsWord-p. 28
9  Test specification
A  Change historyWord-p. 41

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