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0  IntroductionWord‑p. 4

Voice was the major service and 3GPP defined voice specific cross-layer optimizations for 3G and 4G. Web based streaming video and Apps are expected to take majority of 4G/5G bandwidth, and are key source to further increase the ARPU for operators. MPEG and 3GPP SA4 have been considering cross-layer optimizations by RAN and App mutual aware, e.g. network assisted DASH, video-aware scheduling. It is worthwhile and right time to study whether deep cross-layer optimizations for Web based streaming video and Apps can deliver the desired benefits. It is also worthwhile to take into account the related work in other SDOs/Working groups, e.g. ETSI MEC work on mobile video delivery optimization and local content caching. It is also beneficial to study and analyse the potential impact to architecture, protocol, and signalling to support RAN based local cached delivery, local breakout; and support RAN optimizations based on context awareness.

1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document provides descriptions and possible solutions of use cases for the Context Aware Service Delivery in RAN for LTE, and also provides analysis of these solutions. Considerations with regards to requested functionality in scope of other 3GPP groups, if any, may be captured in this document as well.

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