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This document is a technical report of the work item on FDD Home eNodeB RF Requirements [1]. The goal of this technical report is to satisfy the two objectives of the work item, which are reproduced below,
Objective 1
The existing E-UTRA BS class does not fully address the RF requirements of the HeNB application. Correspondingly, Objective 1 is to specify the RF requirements for the Home eNodeB in TS 36.104, where the work done for the HNB can be taken as a basis.
Furthermore, the test specification TS 36.141 would need to be updated accordingly.
It is foreseen that the HeNB-specific additions to TS 36.104 / TS 36.141 can be accommodated in a manner similar to that accomplished for the UTRA HNB.
Objective 2
TR 25.820 showed that for the CSG HNB there are occasions where overall system performance may be enhanced by controlling the HNB output power dependent on the strength of signal from the macro cell layer and from other HNB. Control of CSG HNB output power mitigates interference to the macro layer and other CSG HNB. Correspondingly, it is expected that similar observations may be made for the HeNB. Objective 2 is to ensure that operators have the ability to achieve control of HeNB power; in particular, the work should cover but not be limited by the following,
  • The operator has the means to obtain measurements of the strength of signals and the identity (to allow macro neighbour cell list building) from the macro cell layer and from other HeNBs. Measurements may be made by the HeNB or may make use of existing measurements defined for the UE; no new UE measurements will be defined.
  • The operator has the means to set the maximum output power of the HeNB, this is expected to introduce changes to TS 36.104.
  • The operator has guidance on how to control HeNB power and expected performance levels in the relevant scenarios. There are additional factors that may be controlled in E-UTRA in comparison with UTRA, such as variable bandwidth and allocation of radio sub-carriers; work will be conducted to investigate if similar mechanisms may be used for controlling HeNB resource allocation versus the macro cell layer and versus other HeNBs. Additionally, mechanisms may be applied to control HeNB coverage in the case of open access HeNB.
As objective 2 of the work item is to create a published document to provide guidance to operators it is necessary to issue a TR in the 900 series. To avoid administrative overhead this TR will also be used to document any other output from this work item.

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