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9.2.2  Transport Network Layer Related IEsWord‑p. 222

9.2.3  NAS Related IEsWord‑p. 223  LAI  RAC  MME UE S1AP ID  eNB UE S1AP ID  NAS-PDU  S-TMSIWord‑p. 224  TAC  PLMN Identity  GUMMEI  UE Identity Index value  IMSIWord‑p. 225  MMEC  UE Paging Identity  DL Forwarding  Direct Forwarding Path AvailabilityWord‑p. 226  TAI  Relative MME Capacity  UE S1AP ID pair  Overload Response  Overload Action  CS Fallback IndicatorWord‑p. 227  CN Domain  RIM Transfer  RIM Information  RIM Routing Address  SON Configuration TransferWord‑p. 228  EN-DC SON Configuration Transfer |R15|Word‑p. 229  SON Information  SON Information ReplyWord‑p. 230  X2 TNL Configuration Info  NAS Security Parameters from E-UTRANWord‑p. 231  NAS Security Parameters to E-UTRAN  LPPa-PDU |R9|Word‑p. 232  Routing ID |R9|  Time Synchronisation Info |R9|  Traffic Load Reduction Indication |R10|  Additional CS Fallback Indicator |R12|Word‑p. 233  Masked IMEISV |R12|  SON Information Report |R14|  RLF Report Information |R14|  Muting Pattern Information |R12|Word‑p. 234  Synchronisation Information |R12|  Listening Subframe Pattern |R12|  MME Group ID |R13|  Additional GUTI |R13|Word‑p. 235  Extended UE Identity Index Value |R13|  NB-IoT UE Identity Index Value |R13|  DL NAS PDU Delivey Request |R13|  DL CP Security Information |R14|  UL CP Security Information |R14|Word‑p. 236  UE Capability Info Request |R14|  5GS TAI |R15|  5GS TAC |R15|  End Indication |R15|  Pending Data Indication |R15|

9.3  Message and Information Element Abstract Syntax (with ASN.1)Word‑p. 238

9.4  Message Transfer SyntaxWord‑p. 390

9.5  Timers

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