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full Table of Contents for  TS 36.300  Word version:   15.5.0


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20  X2 Interface [R8]
20.1  User Plane
20.2  Control PlaneWord-p. 244
20.2.0  X2-CP Overview [R15]
20.2.1  X2-CP Functions
20.2.2  X2-CP ProceduresWord-p. 245  Overview of X2-CP procedures [R15]Up  Handover Preparation procedure  Handover Cancel procedure  SeNB Addition Preparation procedure [R12]Word-p. 246  SeNB Reconfiguration Completion procedure [R12]  MeNB initiated SeNB Modification Preparation procedure [R12]Word-p. 247  SeNB initiated SeNB Modification procedure [R12]  MeNB initiated SeNB Release procedure [R12]Word-p. 248  SeNB initiated SeNB Release procedure [R12]  SeNB Counter Check procedure [R12]  UE Context Release procedureWord-p. 249  SN Status Transfer procedure  Error Indication procedureWord-p. 250  Load Indication procedureWord-p. 251  X2 Setup procedureWord-p. 252  eNB Configuration Update procedure  Reset procedureWord-p. 253  Resource Status Reporting Initiation procedure  Resource Status Reporting procedureWord-p. 254  Radio Link Failure Indication procedure [R9]  Handover Report procedure [R9]Word-p. 255  Mobility Settings Change procedure [R9]  Cell Activation procedure [R9]  X2 Release procedure [R12]Word-p. 256  X2AP Message Transfer procedure [R12]  X2 Removal procedure [R12]  Retrieve UE Context [R13]Word-p. 257  SgNB Addition Preparation procedure [R15]Word-p. 259  SgNB Reconfiguration Completion procedure [R15]  MeNB initiated SgNB Modification Preparation procedure [R15]  SgNB initiated SgNB Modification Preparation procedure [R15]Word-p. 260  MeNB initiated SgNB Release procedure [R15]  SgNB initiated SgNB Release procedure [R15]Word-p. 261  SgNB initiated SgNB Change procedure [R15]  SgNB Counter Check procedure [R15]  EN-DC X2 Setup procedure [R15]Word-p. 262  EN-DC Configuration Update procedure [R15]  E-UTRA - NR Cell Resource Coordination procedure [R15]Word-p. 263  Partial Reset procedure for EN-DC [R15]Word-p. 264

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