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TS 34.123-3 (RAN5)
User Equipment (UE) conformance specification –
Part 3: Abstract test suite (ATS)

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V14.5.0  2018/12  656 p.
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V5.6.0  2006/10  35 p.
V4.0.0  2005/04  20 p.
V3.9.0  2005/04  20 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Genoud, Olivier

This TS specifies the protocol conformance testing in TTCN for the 3GPP User Equipment (UE) at the Uu interface. The following TTCN test specification and design considerations can be found in this TS:
  • the overall test suite structure;
  • the testing architecture;
  • the test methods and PCO definitions;
  • the test configurations;
  • the design principles, assumptions, and used interfaces to the TTCN tester (System Simulator);
  • TTCN styles and conventions;
  • the partial PIXIT proforma;
  • the TTCN.MP and TTCN.GR forms for the mentioned protocols tests.