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0  IntroductionWord‑p. 5

There are many benefits to introduce NFV in mobile network, such as resource sharing and automatic network deployment, efficient network scaling capability and flexible network optimization and healing. The use of NFV-related policies can help realize the benefits.
Policy management from the end-to-end mobile service and network function management perspective will enrich and enhance the automation capability during the different lifecycle phases (e.g. network deployment, network updating, network scaling or migration, network termination etc.).
The present document investigates concepts of network policy management of mobile network based on NFV. It investigates the policy classification, functional roles and the scenarios for policy application, analyses processes of the policy management and proposes corresponding solutions. Whether the existing management solution could be reused or enhanced will also be investigated.

1  ScopeWord‑p. 6

From mobile service and network function management perspective, the present document studies the end-to-end network policy management for mobile network based on NFV scenarios:
  • Study the concepts and classification of the policy management for mobile networks based on the NFV scenarios, analyse and classify the potential policy management scenarios.
  • Identify the use cases and requirements of policy management for mobile networks based on the NFV scenario.
  • Study the potential logical roles of the policy management for mobile networks based on the NFV scenarios.
  • Identify the impacts of logical architecture and the potential requirements to 3GPP management system. Analyse the existing 3GPP Management reference model, interfaces, protocols and procedures to determine what can be re-used, adapted or extended. Propose enhancements or extensions to the 3GPP solutions, if an impact is foreseen.
  • Identify the impacts to NFV-MANO framework from the 3GPP service perspective.
  • Provide recommendations to the standardization of policy management for mobile networks based on the NFV scenario.
The study will focus on the policy solutions which are related to NFV scenarios and will take into account of the outcome of SA5 existing specifications and the outcome produced by ETSI. The study will investigate whether the existing specification can be reused or not.

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