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1  Executive summaryp. 6

1.1  Purposep. 6

This document is the report of the 3GPP™ SA5 / TM Forum NGWW Joint Work Group on Fault Management Harmonization. The analysis and recommendations in it are offered to 3GPP and TM Forum for further consideration in their work on Fault Management.

1.2  Main resultsp. 6

This report discusses 43 items, ranging from major structural aspects of the 3GPP SA5 and TM Forum TIP RAM Fault Management solutions to some more detailed points. The results are:
  • 26 items: a recommendation on how to reach alignment was agreed (or were already aligned);
  • 16 items: no recommendation on alignment could be agreed;
  • 1 item: initially considered, but concluded to be out of scope.
The most important item on which no agreement could be reached concerns the way alarms and/or alarm notifications are uniquely identified.
It should be noted that the study addressed in the first place the differences between the 3GPP and the TM Forum Fault Management solutions. A consequence is that this report does not list the majority of the items in which the solutions are already aligned.
If alignment is reported, that is either because the alignment was attained as a result of this study, or because it existed already but was not recognized earlier. Against this background, the number of the subjects in this document which are labelled "no agreement reached" should not be taken as a indication that the 3GPP and TM Forum solutions are far apart - in reality there are much more subjects on which both solutions are aligned than on which they are not aligned.
The document concludes with a general discussion and proposal on interface harmonization.

1.3  Common Stage 2 Specificationp. 6

During the study, the mutual clarifications and careful comparisons of both solutions led to the insight that it may be possible to construct a common 3GPP - TM Forum Stage 2 Fault Management Interface specification. The JWG suggests that this work may be the subject for a follow-up study.

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