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0  Introductionp. 4

The present document is part of a TS-family covering the 3rd Generation Partnership Project; Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects; Telecommunication management; as identified below:
  • TS 32.690: Inventory Management (IM); Requirements;
  • TS 32.691: Inventory Management (IM) network resources Integration Reference Point (IRP); Requirements;
  • TS 32.692: Inventory Management (IM) network resources Integration Reference Point (IRP); Network Resource Model (NRM);
  • TS 32.696: Inventory Management (IM) network resources Integration Reference Point (IRP); Solution Set (SS) definitions.
Inventory Management (IM), in general, provides the operator with the ability to assure correct and effective operation of the 3G network as it evolves. IM actions have the objective to control and monitor the actual equipment configuration on the Network Elements (NEs) and network resources , and they may be initiated by the operator or by functions in the Operations Systems (OSs) or NEs.
IM actions may be requested as part of an implementation programme (e.g. additions and deletions), as part of an optimisation programme (e.g. modifications), and to maintain the overall Quality of Service (QoS). The IM actions are initiated either as single actions on single NEs of the 3G network, or as part of a complex procedure involving actions on many resources/objects in one or several NEs.

1  Scopep. 5

The present document defines, in addition to the requirements defined in TS 32.101, TS 32.102 and TS 32.600, the requirements for the present IRP: Inventory Management IRP.

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