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6  Measurements related to the S-GW |R9|p. 60

6.1  GTP related measurementsp. 60

6.2  S1-U data volume related measurements |R10|p. 64

6.3  Session Management |R10|p. 65

6.3.1  Related to S4/S11p. 65

6.3.2  Related to S5/S8p. 67

6.3.3  EPS bearer deletion related measurementsp. 69

6.3.4  Bearer resource Usage related measurementsp. 70

6.4  PFCP session related measurements |R15|p. 70

7  Measurements related to the MBMS GW |R9|p. 76

8  Measurements related to PCRF |R11|p. 78

8.1  IP-CAN session establishment related measurementsp. 78

8.2  IP-CAN session modification related measurementsp. 80

8.3  Authorization of QoS resources related measurementsp. 82

8.4  Gateway Control session establishment related measurementsp. 85

8.5  Credit re-authorization procedure related measurementsp. 87

8.6  IP-CAN session termination related measurementsp. 89

9  Equipment resource |R14|p. 89

A  Use case for measurementsp. 93

A.1  Use case for mobility management related measurementsp. 93

A.2  Use case for detach related measurementsp. 93

A.3  Use case for tracking and routeing area update related measurementsp. 93

A.4  Use case for session related measurementsp. 94

A.5  Use case for EPS paging proceduresp. 94

A.6  Use case of PDN-GW initiated Dedicated Bearer Creation related measurements for EPCp. 94

A.7  Use case of PDN-GW initiated Dedicated Bearer Deletion related measurements for EPCp. 94

A.8  Use case of PDN-GW initiated Dedicated Bearer Modification with QoS Update related measurements for EPCp. 95

A.9  Use case of PDN-GW initiated Dedicated Bearer Modification without QoS Update related measurements for EPCp. 95

A.10  Use case of GTP S5/S8 data volume related measurements |R9|p. 95

A.11  Use case of S1-U data volume related measurements |R9|p. 95

A.12  Use case of SGi related measurements for EPC |R9|p. 95

A.13  Use case of subscriber management for MME related measurements |R9|p. 96

A.14  Use case of S1-MME data volume related measurements |R9|p. 96

A.15  Use case of Active EPS Bearers related measurements for EPC |R9|p. 96

A.16  Use case of MME control of overload related measurements for EPC |R9|p. 96

A.17  Use case of UE requested bearer resource modification related measurements for EPC |R9|p. 97

A.18  Use case for registered subscribers related measurements for EPC |R9|p. 97

A.19  Use case of PDN Connections related measurements for EPC |R9|p. 97

A.20  Use case of MME processor usage |R9|p. 97

A.21  Use case for EPS Service Request related Measurements |R9|p. 97

A.22  Use case for session management based on SGW related Measurements |R10|p. 98

A.23  Use case for MBMS session related measurements |R10|p. 98

A.24  Use case of SGW bearer deletion related measurements |R10|p. 98

A.25  Use case of bearer resource usage related measurements |R10|p. 98

A.26  Use case for M1 data volume related measurements |R10|p. 98

A.27  Use case for combined TA/LA update procedure related measurements |R10|p. 99

A.28  Use case of S4 data volume related measurements |R11|p. 99

A.29  Use case of S12 data volume related measurements |R11|p. 99

A.30  Use case of implicit detach related measurements |R11|p. 99

A.31  Use case for IP-CAN session establishment related measurements |R11|p. 99

A.32  Use case for credit re-authorization procedure related measurements |R11|p. 99

A.33  Use case for IP-CAN session related measurements |R11|p. 100

A.34  Use case for update location related measurements |R11|p. 100

A.35  Use case for authentication information retrieval related measurements |R11|p. 100

A.36  Use case for Number of EPS bearer in PGW related measurements |R11|p. 100

A.37  Use case of VR related measurements for EPC NFs |R14|p. 101

$  Change Historyp. 102

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