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5  Measurements related to Relay Node |R10|p. 90

6  Measurements related to Measurement Report |R12|p. 90

A  Use cases for performance measurements defintionp. 95

A.0  Introduction |R15|p. 95

A.1  Monitor of call(/session) setup performancep. 95

A.2  Monitoring of E-RAB releasep. 95

A.3  Monitor of E-RAB level QoS modificationp. 96

A.4  Overview handover related Use Casesp. 97

A.5  Monitor of cell level QoS and radio resource utilisationp. 98

A.6  Monitor of the number of connected usersp. 101

A.7  Monitoring of interference situationp. 102

A.8  Monitor of ARQ and HARQ performancep. 102

A.9  Monitoring of RF performancep. 102

A.10  Monitor of paging performancep. 103

A.11  Use case of eNodeB processor usage |R9|p. 103

A.12  Monitor of simultaneous E-RABs |R9|p. 103

A.13  Monitoring of Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) |R9|p. 103

A.14  Monitor of BLER performance |R9|p. 104

A.15  Monitoring of common LAs of overlapping target RAT's coverage |R10|p. 104

A.16  Monitoring of Energy Saving |R10|p. 105

A.17  Monitoring of RNReconfiguration |R10|p. 105

A.18  Monitoring of E-RAB setup for incoming HOs |R11|p. 105

A.19  Use case of RSRP |R12|p. 105

A.20  Use case of RSRQ |R12|p. 106

A.21  Use case of UE power headroom |R12|p. 106

A.22  Use case of UE Rx-Tx time difference related measurements |R12|p. 106

A.23  Use case of AOA |R12|p. 106

A.24  Monitoring of SCell scheduling on PUCCH in Carrier Aggregation |R13|p. 106

A.25  Evaluation of long inactivity timer |R13|p. 107

A.26  Monitoring of Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) parameters |R15|p. 107

A.27  Use case of UE IP throughput Distribution |R15|p. 107

A.28  Monitor of the number of active UEs |R16|p. 108

A.29  Monitor of user data transmission over Xw interface for non-collocated LWA |R16|p. 108

A.30  Monitor of RRC procedures for LWA |R16|p. 108

A.31  Monitoring of user data transmission via WLAN for LWIP |R16|p. 108

A.32  Monitoring of RRC procedures for LWIP |R16|p. 109

A.33  Monitoring of WLAN connection status |R16|p. 109

A.34  Monitor of Secondary Node Addition for E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity |R16|p. 109

A.35  Monitoring of RRC connection usage per UE multi-RAT capability |R16|p. 109

A.36  Monitor of E-RAB release |R16|p. 109

A.37  Monitoring of RS-SINR |R17|p. 110

$  Change historyp. 111

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