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0  Introductionp. 9

The present document is part of a TS-family covering the 3rd Generation Partnership Project; Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects; Telecommunication Management; as identified below:
TS 32.401
Performance Management (PM); Concept and requirements
TS 52.402
Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements - GSM
TS 32.404
Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements - Definitions and template
TS 32.405
Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN)
TS 32.406
Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements Core Network (CN) Packet Switched (PS) domain
TS 32.407
Performance Management (PM); Core Network (CN) Circuit Switched (CS) Domain; Performance measurements - UMTS and combined UMTS/GSM
TS 32.408
Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements Teleservice
TS 32.409
Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
The present document is part of a set of specifications, which describe the requirements and information model necessary for the standardised Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) of a multi-vendor 3G-system.
During the lifetime of a 3G network, its logical and physical configuration will undergo changes of varying degrees and frequencies in order to optimise the utilisation of the network resources. These changes will be executed through network configuration management activities and/or network engineering, see TS 32.600.
Many of the activities involved in the daily operation and future network planning of a 3G network require data on which to base decisions. This data refers to the load carried by the network and the grade of service offered. In order to produce this data performance measurements are executed in the NEs, which comprise the network. The data can then be transferred to an external system, e.g. an Operations System (OS) in TMN terminology, for further evaluation.
The purpose of the present document is to describe the mechanisms involved in the collection of the data and the definition of the data itself.
For Measurement definition template and Management of per cause measurements see TS 32.404.
Annexes A and B of TS 32.404 also apply to the present document.

1  Scopep. 10

The present document describes the CN CS measurements for UMTS and combined UMTS/GSM.
3GPP TS 32.401 describes Performance Management concepts and requirements.
The present document is valid for all measurement types provided by an implementation of a UMTS network and combined UMTS/GSM network. These may be measurement types defined within the present document, measurements defined within other standards bodies, or vendor specific measurement types.
Only measurement types that are specific to CN CS UMTS or combined UMTS/GSM networks are defined within the present documents. I.e. vendor specific measurement types used in UMTS and combined UMTS/GSM networks. Some ATM or IP measurements defined here are only used for load carrying. The definition of the standard measurements is intended to result in comparability of measurement data produced in a multi-vendor network, for those measurement types that can be standardised across all vendors' implementations.
The structure of the present document is as follows:
  • Header 1: Network Element (e.g. MSCServer related measurements);
  • Header 2: Measurement function (e.g. handover measurements);
  • Header 3: Measurements.

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