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0  Introductionp. 5

The present document is part of a TS-family covering the 3rd Generation Partnership Project: Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects; Telecommunication management, as identified below:
  • TS 32.361: "Entry Point (EP) Integration Reference Point (IRP): Requirements".
  • TS 32.362: "Entry Point (EP) Integration Reference Point (IRP): Information Service (IS)".
  • TS 32.366: "Entry Point (EP) Integration Reference Point (IRP); Solution Set (SS) definitions".
The present document is part of a TS-family defining the Telecommunication Management (TM) of 3G systems.
The TM principles are described in TS 32.101. The TM architecture is described in TS 32.102.
The other specifications define the interface (Itf-N) between the managing system (manager), which is in general the Network Manager (NM) and the managed system (agent), which is either an Element Manager (EM) or the managed NE itself. The Itf-N is composed of a number of Integration Reference Points (IRPs) defining the information in the agent that is visible for the manager, the operations that the manager may perform on this information and the notifications that are sent from the agent to the manager. EP (Entry Point) IRP is one of these IRPs with special function.
It is difficult for an NM to discover all IRPs in the environment that there are several managed systems and/or if there are multiple IRPs related to each managed systems. This Entry Point is proposed to provide a convenient mechanism for NM to discover the managed systems and their related IRPs.

1  Scopep. 6

The present document defines the Information Service (IS) part of the Entry Point IRP (EPIRP).
It describes the semantics of the information and the interactions visible across Itf-N in a protocol independent way.
The information is specified by means of Information Object Classes (IOCs) and SupportIOCs, and the interactions by means of operations and notifications. The present document does not specify the syntax (encoding) of the information.

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