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6  Definition of charging informationWord‑p. 73

6.1  Data description for CS domain offline charging

6.1.1  Diameter message contents

6.1.2  GTP' message contents

6.1.3  CDR description on the Bc reference point  Mobile originated call attemptWord‑p. 75  Mobile originated emergency call attemptWord‑p. 78  Mobile originated call forwarding attemptWord‑p. 79  Mobile terminated call attemptWord‑p. 81  Roaming call attemptWord‑p. 83  Incoming gateway call attemptWord‑p. 84  Outgoing gateway call attemptWord‑p. 85  Transit call attemptWord‑p. 86  Supplementary service actionsWord‑p. 87  HLR interrogationWord‑p. 88  Location update (VLR)  Location update (HLR)Word‑p. 89  Short message service, mobile originated  Short message service, mobile terminatedWord‑p. 90  SMS-MO interworking record  SMS-MT gateway recordWord‑p. 91  Common equipment usage record  Terminating CAMEL call attemptWord‑p. 92  IMEI observation ticketWord‑p. 93  Mobile terminated location request (MT-LR)Word‑p. 94  Mobile originated location request (MO-LR)Word‑p. 95  Network induced location request (NI-LR)Word‑p. 96  Mobile originated call attempt (CAMEL CPH adapted version)Word‑p. 97  gsmSCF initiated CAMEL CPH call attemptWord‑p. 100  New Call Segment in a MO, CF and MT CAMEL DialogueWord‑p. 102  Mobile originated call forwarding attempt (CAMEL CPH adapted version)Word‑p. 104  Terminating CAMEL call attempt (CAMEL CPH adapted version)Word‑p. 106  SRVCC MSC Call handling in MSC server enhanced for SRVCC |R9|Word‑p. 108  SRVCC CS Emergency Call handling in MSC server enhanced for SRVCC |R9|  Mobile Terminating Roaming Forwarding call after successful Retrieval of Routeing Information (MTRF) handling in VMSC |R12|Word‑p. 109  ICS register (MSC Server enhanced for ICS) |R12|

6.2  Data description for CS domain online chargingWord‑p. 111

A  CDR File Transfer compliant with earlier 3GPP releasesWord‑p. 112

B  BibliographyWord‑p. 113

C  Charging Support for Voice Call Continuity |R7|Word‑p. 115

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 116

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