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0  Introductionp. 5

IMS is foreseen to provide all the services, current and future, that existing mobile networks provide. IMS may allow operators to develop new value added applications as well as to enhance their existing solutions. These IMS-based applications may be located in the UE. Furthermore, additional IMS-based applications could reside and be executed in the UICC. This will lead to new opportunities and allows for example the development of operator-specific IMS-based applications that require a high level of security and portability.

1  Scopep. 6

This Technical Report will identify technical solutions in order to provide the necessary mechanism in the UICC and the UE to make use of IMS functionalities implemented in the UE.
The selected solution should allow
  • discovery of the support of the feature by each other (UE-UICC)
  • discovery of the supported capability by the UE
  • UICC registration to IMS network through the UE.
  • the UICC to participate to an IMS session (i.e. receive messages pushed by an IMS application server)
  • the UICC to set up an IMS session (i.e. send messages to an IMS application server)
  • the UICC to be notified when IMS de-registration occurs
  • the identification of a message for which the destination is a UICC application
  • routing messages from and to UICC applications
  • UICC applications to be identified by other applications in the IMS network.

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