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2  References

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord‑p. 9

4  Introduction

5  User Plane Architecture in 5GC

6  Candidate User Plane Protocols

6.1  GTP-U

6.2  Segment Routing IPv6 (SRv6)

6.2.1  General SRv6 Description

6.2.2  Description of SRv6 solution in 5GC  General  Principles  SRv6 SID EncodingWord‑p. 24  User Plane packet flowWord‑p. 25  Discovery of SRv6 supported UPFWord‑p. 29  IPv4 Transport Support for SRv6 User Plane  Security Considerations for SRv6  Using SRH for User Plane Messages  Packet forwarding between SMF and UPFWord‑p. 32  Roaming Support  Failure Detection and Recovery  SRv6 Guaranteed Packet Delivery  SRv6 extensibility using SRH TLVsWord‑p. 35

6.2.3  System Impacts

7  Evaluations and Comparison

8  ConclusionWord‑p. 48

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 50

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