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draft-TR 29.893 (CT4)
Study on
IETF QUIC Transport
for 5GC Service Based Interfaces

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Bhaskaran, Sridhar

The present document analyses the IETF QUIC protocol and its potential use as a transport protocol for the 5GC Service Based Interfaces.

This technical report provides an analysis of the following aspects:
  • Features of transport protocol required for 5GC SBI;
  • Features of QUIC applicable to 5GC SBI;
  • Comparison of the applicable features of QUIC against TCP for the 5GC SBI;
  • Key requirements for 5GC SBI in order to support QUIC as a transport protocol;
  • Solutions for supporting the key requirements;
  • Impacts to 5GC Service Based Interfaces due to introduction of QUIC.