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TR 29.801
Feasibility study of using M2PA in 3GPP networks

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Mr. Zhao, Yuyi
China Mobile Com. Corporation

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0  Introductionp. 4

In the current 3GPP specifications, M3UA is the only choice when signalling over IP in 3GPP core network, in other words MAP, CAP and BICC can only base on M3UA/SCTP/IP for the IP based signalling network.
Now, IETF has changed M2PA draft into RFC 4165, which means the accomplishment of M2PA protocol definition. There may be possible improvements over the existing signalling protocol by using M2PA in 3GPP core networks.

1  Scopep. 4

The present document provides a study into the advantage and disadvantage of M2PA comparing with M3UA and provides a study into the possibility of introducing M2PA in 3GPP.
The present document also specifies the functionalities required on the protocol level to meet the requirements of BICC, MAP and CAP.
If necessary, the interactive between M2PA and M3UA should be studied.

2  Referencesp. 4

3  Abbreviationsp. 5

4  Analysis of M3UAp. 5

5  Analysis of M2PAp. 9

6  Scenarios of SS7 signalling transport networkp. 11

7  Comparison of M2PA and M3UAp. 15

8  Proposed solutionp. 19

9  Conclusion and recommendationsp. 21

$  Change historyp. 22

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