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TS 29.292CT3
Interworking between IMS and MSC Server
for ICS (IMS Centralized Services)

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V14.8.0  2019/09  75 p.
V13.4.0  2018/09  65 p.
V12.7.0  2018/09  63 p.
V11.9.0  2015/09  60 p.
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V8.11.0  2015/09  58 p.

Rapporteur:  Mrs. Biondic, Nevenka

IMS Centralized Services (ICS) enable the delivery of IM CN subsystem based multimedia telephony and supplementary services as defined in TS 24.173 to users regardless of the attached access network type; e.g. CS domain access or IP-CAN.
This TS specifies the principles of interworking between the IM CN subsystem and CS domain in order to enable ICS for UEs using CS domain access.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  Interworking overviewWord-p. 12
5  Control plane procedures and interworking
5.1  General
5.2  IMS registration procedures interworkingWord-p. 14
5.3  Interworking of mobile originating call setup from NAS signalling to SIPWord-p. 15
5.4  Interworking of mobile terminating call setup from SIP to NAS signalling
5.5  Interworking of established call clearing between NAS signalling and SIPWord-p. 34
5.6  Supplementary Services invocation
5.6.1  Originating identification presentation/restriction (OIP/OIR)Up
5.6.2  Terminating identification presentation/restriction (TIP/TIR)Word-p. 35
5.6.3  Communication Hold (HOLD)Word-p. 36
5.6.4  Communication Waiting (CW)
5.6.5  Communication Barring (CB)
5.6.6  Communication Diversion
5.6.7  Explicit Communication Transfer (ECT)Word-p. 42
5.6.8  Conference (CONF)
5.6.9  Customized Alerting Tones (CAT) [R10]
5.6.10  Communication Completion Services (CCBS/CCNL/CCNR) [R11]
5.7  Supplementary Service Configuration
5.8  Handover / RelocationWord-p. 56
6  User plane interworking
7  MSC Server - CS-MGW interactionWord-p. 60
7.1  Mobile originated call
7.2  Mobile terminated callWord-p. 64
7.2A  Notification Procedures [R14]
7.3  Call clearingUp
7.4  Call independent proceduresUp
7.5  Explicit Congestion Notification [R10]
7.6  Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) Support [R11]
7.7  Interactive Connectivity Establishment [R12]Word-p. 70
7.8  Codec Parameters Handling [R12]
7.9  SDP Capability Negotiation (SDPCapNeg) [R13]
A  Change historyWord-p. 71

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