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A  Use cases for end to end KPIsp. 43

A.1  Use case for end-to-end latency measurements of 5G network-related KPIp. 43

A.2  Use case for number of registered subscribers of single network-slice related KPIp. 43

A.3  Use case for upstream/downstream throughput for one-single-network-slice-related KPIp. 43

A.4  Use case for mean PDU sessions number in network slicep. 43

A.5  Use case for virtualised resource utilization of network-slice-related KPIp. 44

A.6  Use case for 5GS registration success rate of one single-network-slice-related KPIp. 44

A.7  Use case for RAN UE throughput-related KPIp. 44

A.8  Use case for QoS flow retainability-related KPI |R16|p. 44

A.9  Use case for DRB accessibility-related KPIs |R16|p. 44

A.10  Use case for mobility KPIs |R16|p. 45

A.11  Use case for DRB retainability related KPI |R16|p. 45

A.12  Use case for PDU session establishment success rate of one network slice (S-NSSAI) related KPI |R16|p. 45

A.13  Use case for integrated downlink latency in RAN |R16|p. 45

A.14  Use case for PDU session Establishment success rate of one single-network-slice instance-related KPI |R16|p. 46

A.15  Use case for QoS flow retainability-related KPI |R16|p. 46

A.16  Use case for 5G Energy Efficiency (EE) KPI |R16|p. 46

A.17  Use case for PFCP session established success rate of one network and one network slice instance-related KPI |R17|p. 47

A.18  Use case for end-to-end reliability measurements of 5G network-related KPI |R17|p. 47

$  Change historyp. 48

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