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6  Specification level requirements

6.1  Requirements

6.2  Actor rolesWord‑p. 19

6.3  Telecommunications resources

6.4  Use cases

6.4.1  VNF Instance use cases

6.4.2  VNF Package use cases

6.4.3  NS Instance use casesWord‑p. 31  NS instantiation  NS instance terminationWord‑p. 33  NS instance querying  NS scaling using VNF scaling operation initiated through Os-Ma-nfvo reference pointWord‑p. 34  Updating an NS instance to correspond to a different NSD versionWord‑p. 35  Associating a different NSD version to an NS instance as part of NS updateWord‑p. 36  Addition of a new VL to an existing NS instance  Addition of an existing VNF instance to an existing NS instanceWord‑p. 37  Addition of a new SAP to an existing NS instance  Notification regarding NS instance lifecycle changesWord‑p. 38  Subscription regarding NS instance lifecycle changes  Create NS IdentifierWord‑p. 39  Delete NS instance identifier  Addition of PNF to the NS instanceWord‑p. 40  Add an existing VNF instance with connectivity  Add external connectivity to a PNF or VNF instance  Add a virtual link to a NS instanceWord‑p. 41  Change external connectivity to a PNF or VNF instanceWord‑p. 42  Add VNF forwarding graph to a NS instance  Update VNF forwarding graph in a NS instance

6.4.4  NS Descriptor use casesWord‑p. 43

6.4.5  PNFD Use Cases

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 51

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