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6  Guidelines for non-IMS-based FLUS

7  FLUS User Plane InstantiationsWord‑p. 20

8  Example FLUS Workflows

8.1  Example Workflow using F-U MMTP

8.2  Example Call Flow for fragmented MP4 with HTTP DeliveryWord‑p. 28

8.3  Example workflow for a drone mounted camera |R16|Word‑p. 32

8.4  Example FLUS call flow with Network Based Media Processing (NBMP) |R17|Word‑p. 37

8.4.1  Overview

8.4.2  NBMP in the Application Server (All-AP)

8.4.3  NBMP in the Application Server, MPE in Sink (MPE-Sink)

8.4.4  NBMP Client in the Application Server, NBMP Workflow Manager, and MPE in Sink (WM-MPE-Sink)

8.4.5  NBMP Client in the FLUS Control Source, NBMP Workflow Manager, and MPE in Sink (NBMPSource-FLUSSource)Word‑p. 50

8.4.6  NBMP Client in the UA, NBMP Workflow Manager in the Application Server, and MPE in Sink (NBMPSourceUA-NBMPWMAS)Word‑p. 53

8.4.7  NBMP Client in the UA, NBMP Workflow Manager, and MPE in the Application Server (NBMPSourceUA-NBMPWMSINK)Word‑p. 59

8.4.8  NBMP-enabled FLUS Session Establishment using 5GMSu AF (WM-MPE-Sink-AF)Word‑p. 62

8.4.9  Summary of the deployment scenarios

9  Guidelines for QoS usage for FLUSWord‑p. 66

10  End-to-End Message Flows |R16|

11  Guidelines for Uplink Assistance for FLUS |R16|Word‑p. 79

12  FLUS Architecture Including UE-based Control Point and FLUS Remote Assist/Control |R16|Word‑p. 83

$  Change historyWord‑p. 89

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