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5.2  Procedures for data collection and reporting provisioningp. 22

Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 26.531, Fig. 5.2-1: High-level procedures for AF registration and provisioning phases
Initially, the different types of AF register themselves with the NRF using the Nnrf_NFManagement_NFRegister service operation defined in clause of TS 23.502:
Step 1.
The NWDAF registers itself with the NRF.
Step 2.
The Data Collection AF registers itself with the NRF. This registration includes a list of Event IDs that it is capable of exposing to event consumers.
At some later point, Data Collection and Reporting features are provisioned by the Application Service Provider's Provisioning AF:
Step 3.
The Provisioning AF discovers the Data Collection AF by following the Nnrf_NFDiscovery procedure defined in clause of TS 23.502.
Step 4.
The Provisioning AF provisions data collection and reporting in the Data Collection AF for a specific Event ID, using the Ndcaf_DataReportingProvisioning procedures defined in the present document. The provisioning information may vary depending on the data reporting method, i.e. direct reporting or indirect reporting.

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