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TR 26.912
Codec for Circuit switched Multimedia Telephony Service;
Quantitative performance evaluation of H.324 Annex C over 3G

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V4.0.0 (PDF)  2001/04  40 p.
V3.0.0  2000/03  39 p.
Dr. Jung, Kyunghun

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1  Scopep. 6

The present document is meant to function as guidance in the work of other 3GPP work groups or work items. Such work may include conclusion on how to achieve detailed Stage 1 service requirements or suggestion of a set of recommended RAB parameters giving satisfactory user-to-user quality for a circuit switched multimedia service using 3G-324M.

2  Referencesp. 6

3  Definitions and abbreviationsp. 6

4  3GPP Configuration of H.324 annex Cp. 8

5  Performancep. 9

A  Quality degradation as a function of the FER and RBER in presence of background noisep. 17

B  Simulation test of a video multimedia codecp. 20

B.1  Introductionp. 20

B.2  Test Procedurep. 21

B.3  Subjective quality evaluationp. 28

B.4  Test results and observationsp. 31

B.5  List of video/speech codecs and multiplexers employed in the simulationp. 32

B.6  Test resultsp. 33

$  Change historyp. 38

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