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Content for  TS 25.415  Word version:  16.0.0

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3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord‑p. 8

4  General

5  Transparent mode, version 1Word‑p. 13

6  Support mode for predefined SDU sizes, version 2

6.1  General

6.2  Iu UP Protocol layer Services in Support mode

6.3  Services Expected from the UP Data Transport layer

6.4  Functions of the Iu UP Protocol Layer in Support modeWord‑p. 16

6.5  Elementary procedures

6.6  Elements for Iu UP communication in Support mode

6.7  Handling of unknown, unforeseen and erroneous protocol data

7  Communication Primitives for the Iu UP protocol layer

8  Evolution of Iu UP ProtocolWord‑p. 52

A  Illustration of usage of RFCI for AMR speech RABWord‑p. 55

B  Illustration of protocol states in the Iu UPWord‑p. 58

C  Open Issues of the Iu UPWord‑p. 61

D  Distributed rate decision within RNC |R4|Word‑p. 62

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 63

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