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5B  Physical channels for the 7.68 Mcps option |R7|

5B.1  General

5B.2  Frame structureWord‑p. 99

5B.3  Dedicated physical channel (DPCH)Word‑p. 100

5B.4  Common physical channels

5B.4.1  Primary common control physical channel (P-CCPCH)

5B.4.2  Secondary common control physical channel (S-CCPCH)

5B.4.3  The physical random access channel (PRACH)

5B.4.4  The synchronisation channel (SCH)Word‑p. 112

5B.4.5  Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH)Word‑p. 113

5B.4.6  Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH)

5B.4.7  The Paging Indicator Channel (PICH)

5B.4.8  High Speed Physical Downlink Shared Channel (HS-PDSCH)

5B.4.9  Shared Control Channel for HS-DSCH (HS-SCCH)

5B.4.10  Shared Information Channel for HS-DSCH (HS-SICH)Word‑p. 117

5B.4.11  The MBMS Indicator Channel (MICH)

5B.4.12  E-DCH Physical Uplink Channel (E-PUCH)

5B.4.13  E-DCH Random Access Uplink Control Channel (E-RUCCH)Word‑p. 122

5B.4.14  E-DCH Absolute Grant Channel (E-AGCH)

5B.4.15  E-DCH Hybrid ARQ Acknowledgement Indicator Channel (E-HICH)

5B.5  Transmit Diversity for DL Physical Channels

5B.6  Beacon characteristics of physical channels

5B.7  Midamble Allocation for Physical Channels

5B.8  Midamble Transmit Power

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