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A  Example signalling flows for inter-system change between 3GPP and non-3GPP systems using ANDSFp. 143

B  Assignment of Access Network Identities in 3GPPp. 146

C  Example usage of ANDSFp. 147

D  Mismatch of static configuration of mobility mechanism in the UE and in the networkp. 148

E  UE procedures based on preconfigured and received informationp. 150

F (Normative)  Access to EPC via restrictive non-3GPP access network |R12|p. 153

F.1  Generalp. 153

F.2  UE - EPC network protocolsp. 153

F.2.1  Generalp. 153

F.2.2  FTT protocolp. 153

F.2.2.1  Generalp. 153

F.2.2.2  UE requested FTT establishment procedurep. 153

F.2.2.3  IKEv2 message transport procedurep. 154

F.2.2.4  Encapsulating security payload transport procedurep. 155

F.2.2.5  UE requested keep-alive procedurep. 155

F.2.2.6  UE requested FTT release procedurep. 156

F.2.2.7  Network requested FTT release procedurep. 156

F.2.3  Additional IKEv2 procedures when FTT is usedp. 156

F.3  PDUs and parameters specific to the present annexp. 157

G  IANA registrations |R12|p. 160

H (Normative)  Definition of generic container for ANQP payload |R12|p. 163

I (Normative)  Definition of the Emergency Call Number field's contents |R14|p. 170

J (Normative)  Emergency Call Numbers from DNS procedure |R14|p. 172

K (Normative)  Local Emergency Call Numbers from IKEv2 procedure |R14|p. 173

$  Change historyp. 175

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