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4  Requirements

5  SolutionsWord‑p. 10

5.1  General

5.2  Support of LIPA mobility

5.2.1  Key issue #L1: Architecture for LIPA mobility

5.2.2  Key issue #L2: L-GW selection and addressingWord‑p. 16

5.2.3  Key issue #L3: Discovery of the LIPA mobility areaWord‑p. 21

5.2.4  Key issue #L4: LIPA deactivation

5.2.5  Key issue #L5: H(e)NB providing LIPA support indication to UE

5.2.6  Key issue #L6: Criteria for LIPA activation for the MME/SGSN

5.3  SIPTO above the RAN

5.4  SIPTO at the local network

6  Conclusions

A  Evaluation of mobility procedure impacts for architecture 1Word‑p. 34

A.1  Sxx user-plane only Option 1

A.2  Sxx user-plane only Option 2

A.3  Sxx control plane and user plane

B  Architectural details for architecture option 2, standalone L-GW on Iuh/S1 pathWord‑p. 59

$  Change historyWord‑p. 68

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