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4  Architectural considerationsp. 8

5  Key issuesp. 12

6  Solutionsp. 13

6.1  Solutions to key issue 1p. 13

6.1.1  Solution 1: Functional split for SGW, PGW and TDFp. 13  Overviewp. 13  Functional split of SGWp. 13  Functional split of PGWp. 16  Functional split of TDFp. 18  Considerations for GTP-U IP address and TEID allocationp. 20  Considerations for online charging, offline charging and usage monitoringp. 21  Consideration for SGW Service Area and TAI list alignment due to control plane and user plane split of SGWp. 23  Considerations for UE IP address managementp. 26  Considerations for the functionality supported by the user plane functionp. 28  Considerations for supporting extended buffering for the UE in power saving modep. 29  Considerations for 3GPP specific information at the user plane functionp. 33  Considerations for performing LI functionalityp. 34  Considerations for control of user plane forwardingp. 39  Procedures over Sx Reference Pointsp. 43  Parameters for Sx Reference Pointsp. 47  Application of Sx session management procedures to existing proceduresp. 52  Consideration for activation/deactivation of predefined PCC/ADC rulesp. 57

6.1.2  Solution 2: Functional split for combined S/P-GW (key issue #1)p. 58

6.2  Solutions to key issue 2: Selection mechanism for user plane functional entitiesp. 59

6.3  Solutions to key issue 3: Change of user plane session identity (due to other than UE mobility scenarios)p. 64

6.4  Solutions to key issue 4 - Relocation of user plane functional entity due to UE mobilityp. 68

7  Overall evaluationp. 76

8  Conclusionsp. 76

A  Example for interaction between CP and UP functionp. 78

B  Example for attributes exchanged between the CP and UP functionp. 81

$  Change Historyp. 87

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