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A  Examples of MMS architectural implementationsp. 160

B  MMS Stage 3 Implementationp. 167

C  Charging Data Recordsp. 168

D  MM3 principlesp. 170

D1  Mapping of IE to MM3 protocolsp. 170

E  Use cases for Reply-Chargingp. 176

F (Normative)  Configuration of MMS-capable UEsp. 177

G (Normative)  DNS-ENUM recipient MSISDN address resolution.p. 179

H (Normative)  Recipient MSISDN address resolution based on IMSI.p. 181

I (Normative)  MM1 ↔ MM4 header mappingp. 183

J  Support for Streaming in MMSp. 192

K  MM1 ↔ MM7 header mappingp. 194

L (Normative)  MM7 XML Schemap. 200

L1  Schema Version Handlingp. 210

M  Recipient MMS Relay/Server Delivery Report generation and presentation to the originator MMS User Agentp. 212

N (Normative)  Information Element mapping for the support of MSCFp. 212

$  Change historyp. 219

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