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6a.13  Reference Points for Policy and Charging Control [R7]
6a.13.1  Reference Point PCEF - PCRF/H-PCRF/V-PCRF (Gx Reference Point)
6a.13.2  Reference Point PCRF - Application Function (Rx Reference Point)
6a.13.3  Reference Point SPR - PCRF (Sp Reference Point) [R8]Up
6a.13.4  Reference Point OCS - PCEF (Gy Reference Point) [R8]PDF-p. 98
6a.13.5  Reference Point OFCS - PCEF (Gz Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.6  Reference Point Trusted non-3GPP IP Access and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxa Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.7  Reference Point ePDG and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxb Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.7a  Reference Point ePDG and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxb* Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.8  Reference point between S-GW and PCRF/VPCRF (Gxc-interface) [R8]
6a.13.9  Reference Point PCRF/VPCRF - BBERF (Gxx Reference Point) [R8]
6a.13.10  Reference Point HPCRF - VPCRF (S9- interface) [R8]
6a.13.11  Reference Point UDR - PCRF (Ud Reference Point) [R10]
6a.13.12  Reference Point TDF - PCRF/H-PCRF/V-PCRF (Sd Reference Point) [R11]Up
6a.13.13  Reference Point OCS - PCRF/H-PCRF (Sy Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.14  Reference Point HNB GW - PCRF/V-PCRF (S15 Reference Point) [R11]PDF-p. 99
6a.13.15  Reference Point BPCF - PCRF/v-PCRF (S9a Reference Point) [R11]
6a.13.16  Reference Point OCS - TDF (Gyn Reference Point) [R12]
6a.13.17  Reference Point OFCS - TDF (Gzn Reference Point) [R12]
6a.13.19  Reference Point TSSF - PCRF/H-PCRF (St Reference Point) [R13]
6a.13.20  Reference point between PFDF and PCEF (Gw reference point) [R14]
6a.13.21  Reference point between PFDF and TDF (Gwn reference point) [R14]
6a.14  SMSIP specific reference points [R7]
6a.15  User Data Convergence specific reference points [R9]

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