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A  Analysis of provisioning of communication between the unauthorised users in the disaster areasp. 15

A.1  Introductionp. 15

Provisioning of communication between the unauthorised users, with access control interval application, leads to effective and efficient use of network resources. It can be confirmed of the effectiveness and efficiency in the traffic analysis in the 2005 Miyagi Earthquake. There are two types of the effectiveness and efficiency. One is that Congestion with access control interval application ceases earlier than that without them. It is efficient from the perspective of operation and management. The other is that the users can make sure of safety of their families, relatives, and friends. With permitting terminating calls to the users applied access control barring in addition to the access control interval application, the effectiveness and efficiency get better.

A.2  Model for analysisp. 15

A.2.1  Model casep. 15

Traffic is based on national communication in Japan, so the total number of the users is about 45,000,000. Numbers of UEs applied access class barring are based on population in the Miyagi prefecture, so the number is about 3,000,000.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.908, Fig. A.2-1: Image of traffic for the safety confirmation

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