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4  Use cases

4.1  Use case 1 Session Based Text Message to Emergency Services

4.2  Use case 2 Multimedia Telephony communication with real time text to Emergency services

4.3  Use case 3 Emergency Communication to PSAP with the Addition of Media

4.4  Use case 4 Delayed Transmission of Media of an Emergency Situation Associated with Voice Communications to a PSAP

4.5  Use case 5 Transmission of Media in a Non-Voice Interaction with a PSAP

4.6  Use case 6 Communication with PSAP when voice is inappropriateWord‑p. 15

4.7  Use case 7 Menu / Short Cut service

4.8  Use case 8 Texting application communication to emergency services with one-way RTTWord‑p. 17

4.9  Use case 9. Differentiating Emergency Experiences and Adding Media to a Text-Initiated Emergency Call

4.10  Use case 10 Multimedia Telephony communication mainly in Sign Language to Emergency servicesWord‑p. 20

5  High level Service Aspects

6  MMI Aspects

7  Charging Aspects

8  Security Aspects

9  Conclusion

10  List of requirements for non-voice emergency servicesWord‑p. 25

A  Emergency Services IP Network Requirements (informative)Word‑p. 27

B  European specific requirementsWord‑p. 28

$  Change historyWord‑p. 29

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