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TR 22.978 (SA1)
All-IP network (AIPN) feasibility study

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Isobe, Shin-ichi

This TR studies the feasibility of the progression of the 3GPP system to an AIPN. More specifically, this document:
  • Identifies and describes the objectives and user, business and technological drivers for progression of the 3GPP system to an AIPN:
    • Investigates the High Level Objectives
    • Investigates Motivations and Drivers
    • Investigates impacts upon current models (e.g. business/charging/service models)
  • Defines and develops the end-user and AIPN operator aspects of an AIPN:
    • Produces an AIPN vision, taking into account the special requirements for the mobile community e.g. carrier grade, optimisation for the radio environment, recognizing support of multiple access system scenarios.
    • Investigates needs and requirements associated with the evolution of the 3GPP System to an AIPN.
    • Investigates requirements associated with the reuse of legacy infrastructure and support of legacy terminals
    • Investigates migration and cost effective introduction of new technology.
  • Identifies the capability expansion required to introduce the AIPN concept into the 3GPP system (migration and co-existence)
  • Evaluates whether an AIPN should be standardised within 3GPP, and in the case of a positive conclusion identifies the subsequent steps to be taken to achieve this by defining the scope, target, and roadmap for work to be undertaken within Rel-7 and future 3GPP releases.