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2  References

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord‑p. 9

4  Objectives and Drivers for progression to an AIPN

4.1  High Level Objectives

4.2  Motivations and DriversWord‑p. 11

4.2.1  User related and social drivers

4.2.2  Drivers from a Business perspective

4.2.3  Drivers from a Technology perspective

4.3  Impacts to current models for the 3GPP System

5  End-user and AIPN operator aspects of an AIPN

5.1  AIPN Vision

5.2  Evolution of the 3GPP system to an AIPN

5.3  Migration and cost effective introduction of new technology

5.4  Security and Privacy considerationsWord‑p. 29

6  Capability expansion required for the introduction of an AIPNWord‑p. 31

7  ConclusionsWord‑p. 38

A  Mapping of AIPN Motivations to Key Aspects of an AIPNWord‑p. 44

B  Use cases for AIPN key aspectsWord‑p. 45

C  Use cases for Security

D  Security IssuesWord‑p. 52

E  Use cases for Personal Network (PN), Personal Area Network (PAN), Ad-hoc Network and Moving Network SupportWord‑p. 54

F  Use Cases for Session MobilityWord‑p. 61

$  Change historyWord‑p. 63

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