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Ti+  for  TS 23.502 – v15.4.0 (2018-12)

Signalling flows for 5GS procedures

Registration Management procedures

R1  General Registration
A UE needs to register with the network to get authorized to receive services, to enable mobility tracking and to enable reachability.

Service Request procedures

S1  UE‑Triggered Service Request
The Service Request procedure is used by a UE in CM-IDLE state or the 5GC to request the establishment of a secure connection to an AMF. The Service Request procedure is also used both when the UE is in CM-IDLE and in CM-CONNECTED to activate a User Plane connection for an established PDU Session.

Session Management procedures

PS1  UE‑requested PDU Session Establishment for non‑roaming and roaming with local breakout
The procedure is used to: Establish a new PDU Session; Handover a PDN Connection in EPS to PDU Session in 5GS without N26 interface; Switching an existing PDU Session between non-3GPP access and 3GPP access; request a PDU Session for Emergency services.