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TS 48.006RAN6
BSS-MSC Interface –
Signalling Transport mechanism specification

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Andersen, Niels Peter Skov

The present document is split into four parts, clauses 4 to 6 dealing with the MTP, clause 6a dealing with M3UA/SCTP, clause 7 dealing with interface functions towards higher layers and clauses 8 to 10 dealing with the SCCP and its use.
The MTP provides a mechanism giving reliable transfer of signalling messages. Clauses 4 to 7 of the present document deal with the subset of the MTP that can be used between an BSS and an MSC, which is compatible with a full MTP.
The M3UA/SCTP provides a mechanism giving reliable transfer of signalling messages over an IP network.
The SCCP is used to provide a referencing mechanism to identify a particular transaction relating to for instance a particular call. Clauses 8 to 10 identify the SCCP subset that should be used between a BSS and an MSC. The SCCP can also be used to enhance the message routing for (for instance) operations and maintenance information.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 9
4  Field of application
5  Functional content
6  Message transfer part (MTP) functionsWord-p. 10
6a  Message Transfer Part 3 (MTP3) - User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) functionsWord-p. 20
7  Interface functions
8  SCCP functions
9  Use of the SCCPWord-p. 29
10  Use of the SCCP for operations and maintenance
A  Change HistoryWord-p. 37

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