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TR 45.913RAN6
Optimized Transmit Pulse Shape for
Downlink Enhanced General Packet Radio Service (EGPRS2-B)

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Rapporteur:  Ms. Dwyer, Johanna

The EGPRS2-B feature has been included into GERAN Rel-7 with the legacy GMSK pulse shape. This pulse shape yields good performance and can be used without any requirements on the operator network scenario.
Initial analysis have shown that in certain network scenarios, a spectrally wider pulse shape can improve data throughput performance further.
To obtain superior data throughput performance, investigation of a wider pulse shape is needed, including the network scenarios that will benefit from a wider pulse shape. Selection of either the legacy pulse shape or the new pulse shape will be under operator control.
It is not clear to what degree the current spectral mask can be widened without causing a detrimental impact on legacy mobile stations in these networks. It is also not clear if a spectral mask relaxation is dependent on the modulation transmitted or whether it can be assumed to be applicable for all modulations. It is important to continue to improve the GERAN system performance with new features, and as such it is relevant that this topic is carefully and independently studied.
This TR is an output of the 3GPP study item "Optimized Transmit Pulse Shape for Downlink EGPRS2-B" ("WIDER"), the objective of which is to optimise pulse shapes based on optimization criteria to be agreed by TSG GERAN WG1, and provide an evaluation of the optimized pulse shapes in a similar manner as was used in the SAIC feasibility study TR 45.903.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  ReferencesWord-p. 8
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 9
4  ObjectivesWord-p. 10
5  Study item pre-requisitesWord-p. 12
6  Network level analysisWord-p. 15
7  Pulse shape optimisationWord-p. 18
8  Link level studiesUp
9  System level studiesWord-p. 40
10  SummaryWord-p. 47
11  ConclusionWord-p. 49
A  Candidate pulse shape coefficientsWord-p. 50
B  Network statisticsWord-p. 52
C  Change historyWord-p. 59

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