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TR 37.822RAN3
Study on next generation
Self-Optimizing Network (SON) for UTRAN and E-UTRAN

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Kordybach, Krzysztof

SON enhancements may be necessary for the interoperability of the existing features as well as for the new features and new deployments considered in Rel.12.
In Rel.11 Mobility Robustness Optimisation (MRO) has been enhanced so that identification of the UE type, for which a failure has occurred may be possible. Other SON use cases may benefit from similar differentiation in handling. Active antennas allow the creation of multiple vertical and horizontal beams making the deployment dynamic. SON may enhance network deployment based on active antennas. Finally, review of SON techniques and verification of any enhancements with regard to existing pre-Rel.12 small cells are part of the study item.
  • Identify SON enhancements and new features needed for the interworking between existing features and user type differentiation based on of UE configuration UE capability UE characteristic or location (considering SA5 work).
  • Identify SON enhancements and new features needed for the deployments based on active antennas
  • Evaluate the benefits and impacts of the identified solutions
For pre-release 12 Small Cells:
  • Identify any gaps between existing SON and further enhancements needed specifically for Small Cells
  • Reduce Network planning efforts for small cells
  • Enhance network optimization efforts including aspects like mobility robustness and load balancing (duplication with HetNET mobility enhancement WI should be avoided)
The present document provides descriptions and possible solutions of use cases and analysis of these solutions. Considerations with regards to requested functionality in scope of other 3GPP groups if any, may be captured in this document as well.

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