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TS 37.104RAN4
Multi-Standard Radio
Base Station Radio Transmission and Reception

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WI Acronym:  RInImp9-RFmulti
Rapporteur:  Mr. Skold, Johan

The present document establishes the minimum RF characteristics of NR, E‑UTRA, UTRA, GSM/EDGE and NB‑IoT Multi‑Standard Radio (MSR) Base Station (BS). Requirements for multi‑RAT and single‑RAT operation of MSR BS are covered in the present document. The requirements in the present document for E‑UTRA, UTRA and NB‑IoT single‑RAT operation of MSR BS are also applicable to E‑UTRA, UTRA and NB‑IoT multi‑carrier capable single‑RAT BS. Requirements for GSM BS that are only single‑RAT capable in all supported operating bands are not covered.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  GeneralWord-p. 15
5  Applicability of requirements
6  Transmitter characteristics
6.1  General
6.2  Base station output powerWord-p. 31
6.3  Output power dynamics
6.4  Transmit ON/OFF power
6.5  Transmitted signal qualityWord-p. 35
6.6  Unwanted emissionsWord-p. 37
6.6.1  Transmitter spurious emissions
6.6.2  Operating band unwanted emissionsWord-p. 53
6.6.3  Occupied bandwidth
6.6.4  Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio (ACLR)
6.7  Transmitter intermodulationWord-p. 80
7  Receiver characteristicsWord-p. 82
7.1  General
7.2  Reference sensitivity levelWord-p. 83
7.3  Dynamic rangeUp
7.4  In-band selectivity and blocking
7.5  Out-of-band blockingWord-p. 88
7.6  Receiver spurious emissionsWord-p. 92
7.7  Receiver intermodulation
7.8  In-channel selectivity
8  Performance requirementsWord-p. 99
A (Normative)  Characteristics of interfering signalsWord-p. 100
B (Normative)  Environmental requirements for the BS equipmentWord-p. 101
C  Change historyWord-p. 102

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