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TR 36.905RAN5
Derivation of Test Points for
Radio Transmission and Reception Conformance Test Cases

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WI Acronym:  LTE_UTRA_SDL_BandL-UEConTest
Rapporteur:  Mr. Zirén, Mikael

The present document specifies and contains the derivation of Test Points for RF test cases, thereby 3GPP TSG RAN WG5 will have a way of storing the input contributions provided. The test cases are described in TS  36.521‑1.
The test cases which have been analysed to determine Test Points are included as .zip files.
The present document is applicable from Release 10 up to the release indicated on the front page of the present Terminal conformance specifications.

full Table of Contents for  TR 36.905  Word version:   16.3.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4  Test coverage analysisWord-p. 7
4.1  Test point selection in Additional Maximum Power Reduction (A-MPR) test cases
4.2  Test frequency and bandwidth selection in Reference sensitivity test cases
4.2.1  Reference sensitivity level for single carrier
4.2.2  Reference sensitivity level for intra-band contiguous CA
4.2.3  Reference sensitivity level for inter-band CAWord-p. 12
4.2.4  Reference sensitivity level for intra-band non-contiguous CA
4.2.5  Reference sensitivity level for 3DL CA
4.2.6  Reference sensitivity level for 4DL CA
4.2.7  Reference sensitivity level for 5DL CA
4.2.8  Reference sensitivity level for 6DL CA
4.3  Test points selection and Frequency ranges to cover in Tx spurious emissions test cases for UL CA
4.3G  Test points selection and Frequency ranges to cover in Tx spurious emissions test cases for Inter-band con-current V2X configurationsWord-p. 23
4.4  Test points selection in 3DL Receiver test cases to align with 2DL test cases and skipping of 2DL fallbackWord-p. 24
A  Derivation documentsWord-p. 25
B  Change historyWord-p. 26

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