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TR 36.893RAN4
E-UTRA — 700MHz band for Arab Region

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WI Acronym:  LTE_FDD_700_ARAB-Core
Rapporteur:  Dr. AbouAlmal, Abdulhadi

The 700MHz band is a potential global band that is planned to be used for LTE/LTE-A networks deployment. The Arab League has recommended that the spectrum of 698-703MHz UL/753-758MHz DL can be implemented for IMT in combination with part of 703-733MHz UL/758-788MHz DL spectrum, see figure 4-1, while meeting Out of Band Emission limit of -25 dBm/8MHz below 694MHz from the LTE UE transmission within the new E-UTRA band. It is noted that E-UTRA Band 28 OOBE requirement is -25 dBm/8MHz for 470- 694MHz from the LTE UE transmission in the Arab League counties.
Many Administrations of the Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) have supported the development of new EUTRA band that includes this spectrum, The Arab League has sent liaison statement to 3GPP requesting the standardization of the new E-UTRA band that includes 2x5MHz spectrum (UL: 698-703MHz, DL: 753-758MHz portion considering the OOBE requirement of -25 dBm/8MHz for 470- 694MHz.
The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced its initial 700MHz band plan for mobile broadband services, which has been vacated from incumbent broadcasting service, in 2013. The UAE has already started the process for allocating the 700MHz band (698~790MHz) to local governmental organization (i.e. PPDR) and commercial operators.
A new E-UTRA band needs to be developed to include this 2x5MHz spectrum (UL: 698-703MHz, DL: 753-758MHz portion.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 5
2  References
3  Definitions, and abbreviations
4  Background
5  Frequency band arrangements and regulatory backgroundWord-p. 7
6  List of band specific issues for 700MHz E-UTRA FDD band for Arab region work item
7  General issues
8  Study of E-UTRA specific issues
9  Study of MSR specific issuesWord-p. 24
10  Channel numbering for E-UTRA, MSR
11  Required changes to E-UTRA, UTRA and MSR specifications
A  Change historyWord-p. 26

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